Friday, August 13, 2010

Be careful what you wish for..

It's hard to imagine that just 2 years ago at this time I was thinking and looking into opening my own Yarn shop! Some nights I lie in bed and think: "Holy cr#p I opened a Yarn Shop!" like it's some sort of dream.
With the dream also comes the reality. The reality that some days are better than others. That I don't have complete control over the Yarn Universe and shipments don't arrive when they are supposed to and yet the rent still needs to be paid.
This past week I have been on the phone with more than just one supplier questioning the timing of the shipments promised a week ago or more! (Truly not always their fault, I have to remind myself that I am not the only yarn shop in the World.)
So today this arrived: Inside: All the new colours of Marble Chunky! 5 new colours all just lovely. Good thing I made room!

Last night I worked on this, in my other life I sew Jumpers, sometimes, for my friend Karen's store 'Gather'. I haven't made any in a while but the regular sewer is at the cottage preparing for her son's wedding! This is the first of the set, there are only 7 to do. (I have made thousands of these over the past 10 years, it all came back very quickly!)

On the knitting front: I finished this shawl, Colonnade, made with Manos Wool Classica. Notice the pet restraint system. I thought I was done my shawl phase. Apparently not!

Yarn Harlot's Page a day calender suggests that this should be 'Love your LYS Day!'. (Personally I think everyday should be Love your LYS Day!) Go out there and buy something from your favorite shop, even if it's not mine.
Today is Moonlight Madness and the shop is open until 10 pm.
I am glad I wished for my own shop! The work is challenging but inspiring and I have met so many wonderful caring people, it is the best job!

P.S. We are counting the Helmet liners tonight, I wanted to send 100 and you have made at least 145. (They are being delivered late next week if you are working on one and want to drop it off, I have a mail slot in the door!)

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ellen skinner said...

i'm so proud of you! You are the perfect yarn store owner - that's why i like you!

Glad to see you are keeping busy - i am preparing for the delivery onslaught - actually, i'm going to email and see if i can go and pick up!

Keep praying for cooler days and even cooler nights!

Good goin' girl!