Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall

We went back in time on Sunday. Harlaine Heritage Day was held on a family farm near Oakwood. I had my head in a knitting project while he drove so I have no idea where we ended up. (Working on samples..more and more samples.) My Husband and The Boy were interested in the machinery, its fascinating to see how much of the 'old' technology still exists in the new machinery. We think we are clever now, but those first farmer/engineers really made big changes in farming when they invented the first mechanized machines.

Knitting really hasn't changed much in thousands of years. We still knit with two pointed sticks and use yarn that is really just a long piece of something flexible.

Unlike Farming we now knit for fun! Knitting was almost a necessity, some cultures assign the job of knitter to one of the family. Children were taught knitting at an early age so that they could contribute to the family in some form. Today we knit for many reasons; keeping the family totally clothed is not one of them (fortunately).

Arriving almost daily are new Yarn and Patterns:

Splash a lovely acrylic blend that knits into a self striping pattern.

What are you going to knit next?

We are planning a fall event to happen soon.

Don't forget about Midnight Madness, Friday!

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