Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Remember how I was excited about finishing the large lace project?

It started because I had 3 skeins of Vintage wool in Ivory waiting for a project. The pattern said it would take 4, so I started. As the project grew I could see that I could possibly make it slightly smaller and just use the 3 I had in stash. (Trying to be frugal and lazy, bad combination.)

I was working away at the border and the remaining yarn was quickly disappearing. I measured each repeat of the border pattern. It took almost a meter of yarn to get rid of 8 stitches on the needle. There are almost 500 stitches in the last row. Needless to say I was running out of yarn very quickly.

In order to finish the blanket in the smaller size I have to use another skein and only use 40 meters out of the 200 meters.

Do I:
1. Finish the thing with new skein and have lots left over and a slightly smaller blanket.

2. Rip back to beginning of round and join the new ball, finish the blanket in the size it's supposed to be and have a little left over.


3. Rip back and figure out another border that doesn't use as much yarn.

At early this morning I ripped back and I am knitting more rounds to make the blanket bigger.

It will be a while before I finish!

This just in:

Yup you are reading this right, square needles. No decision here!

When I first read about these I thought square? Then I tried them, they are wonderful! You just have to come in and test drive a pair. They do a circular needle too, but I tried it and the cords aren't great, so I am holding off on them for now.

More about them later...gotta find some yarn, to knit......

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