Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What we did on this hot muggy day!

Moved Yarn!

Cheryl came in for a quick visit. ( Semi adopted child, her mom and I are friends, and she and The Girl were born the same year.) She looked like she was up for a challenge so I convinced her to stay a bit and help me out.

We moved a lot of yarn, I am trying to be more organised and put things in 'logical' order'; but there are little exceptions to the plan.

After a couple of hours of work the shop looks much better, there are still a few things to move, but at least the place doesn't look like a tornado came through.

I have been working away at this 'renovation' so I am glad that it's almost done.

(The other day, I had moved some yarn out of one of the shelving units with a little help from another customer. Friday morning I looked at the display and wondered how I could get the shelves down from where they were stacked. Who should walk in but the Phys Ed teacher from the high school, husband of a knitter, looking for a little bit of yarn. He helped me get the shelves down and moved to the back. Gotta Love small towns!)

Only a few things left on the 'to do' list and I am ready for Fall!

See you soon.

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