Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy Busy Busy?

Well it's July and in Ontario Yarn shops are gearing up for the fall. New things are arriving. Old stock needs to be cleared.

This weeks agenda is to move the shop! Well not the space but the stuff in the space. I was able to find some new stands to hold yarn and patterns, this has made me look at ways of making the store more organised.

This week I am moving yarn, so if I look a little frazzled and lost be patient.

I went into the big city yesterday and picked up a few supplies. (I don't mind driving but that stretch across the 'top' of Toronto has got to be the most stressful piece of highway. I found myself peeling my fingers off the steering wheel as I got off the 401!)

Today there are bags of yarn, some shiny new hooks to hold yarn and more bags for customers to take yarn out of the shop!

While I am re-arranging yarn I am finding some stuff to put on Sale...goodbye or good buys depending on which side of the counter you are on!

See You Soon

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