Friday, May 28, 2010

Some days there just ain't no fish!

A friend of mine used to say that on days when her shop just seemed to be not very busy, or days when you spend too much on re-orders that you feel you aren't getting ahead.

The next two months I expect to have quite a few days with very little fish. Trying to keep busy is a lot harder then being busy all day.

I was remined of the phrase yesterday when The Husband re-counted his day. They did some 'Custom work' yesterday, which means they went to another farm to help put in hay. It took 7 hours to complete the job, which gave him X number of dollars. While they were there they needed a part to help with the job $A, then the big machine they were using needs a huge repair, $B and then one of the trucks ran over a pipe $C that shredded a tire which meant replacing all 4 back tires (they were going to do that any way) $D. Problem is A + B + C + D > X, so you see some days 'there just ain't no fish'.

What we do have lately is a lot of Helmet Liners, but not enough yet. Keep up the good work.

Just to 'warn' you on Saturday, June 5th, King Street will be closed for the day to accomodate the Heroes Highway Ride. I don't have much information about this event. I just know that a lot of motorcylces will be riding from Trenton to Bowmanville, Leaving Trenton at 11:00 and heading here. If you are planning to come, come early.

See you soon, keep cool.

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