Tuesday, May 4, 2010


May 5th 1945 a date in Dutch History that will be forever remembered by the citizens of The Netherlands. Tomorrow is the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

My Parents, Grandparents and all of my relatives were survivors of that terrible time. My mother would have been 8 years old. My Mother's conversations are filled with the phrases, "before the war', 'after the war' or 'that was during the war'. Many Dutch citizens don't like to talk about the conditions, it's just too hard to relive those events.

One thing my Mother does remember is that just after the Liberation my Grandfather went up into the attic of their tiny home a brought down all the valuables: silver, copper and other important things that they put away. I have some theories about why he would have put them into hiding, to keep them from being stolen by the Nazis and other desperate people and also so that they would not be tempted to sell them when times got very tough. So in effect those things were Liberated too.

Today I am reading various articles about the Celebrations happening around the world. Needless to say some of them have left me feeling a little emotional.

Thinking about the soldiers who were only the age of The Boy, being exposed to all that terrible stuff, and how much we needed them to be there. To all of the Canadian families that sent their Children to help us, thank-you.

As you know, we are currently making Helmet Liners to be given to our Soldiers who will be away from home at Christmas. We are hoping to send 100 from Bowmanville, to add to the 4000 being made across the country.

If you are interested, yarn, needles and pattern are available through the Shop.


ellen skinner said...

Nice Tina... didn't know your family history ... what richness.

happy liberation day

ps Uxbridge has tons of Dutch families and we have a garden that is still maintained by funds from Holland in appreciation... neat eh?

christine m. said...

just by coincidence i took a group of grade 5 students to toronto yesterday to see the play HANA'S SUITCASE (an incredible true story set in WWll... i really urge everyone to read it, even if it is a "children's story"). so that time in history was very much in my thoughts all this week. i am so happy to see the news stories of our high school students in holland right now, celebrating with the dutch people in memory of the canadians who lived and died through it all. i hope to drop by and pick up the yarn for your soldier project, tina. thanks for getting involved in it!