Thursday, October 29, 2009

What kind of 'brain' are you?

Over the years of watching my children develop and watching other people in general. I have come to the conclusion that each of our brains are differently wired. My husband and son 'share the same' brain. For them it's all about how stuff works and why? My daughter is all about colour and design and history (hence the history major).

Take looking at a pink blob hanging on the wall. Some will look at the thing and admire the pinkness, others look at it and think 'that looks just like a butterfly!' and others (like my husband and son) will wonder how the thing is hooked onto the wall.

Knitters are divided the same way, for some it's all about colour, others shape and size and others the techniques used.

Some can look at knitting, take a few minutes to look at the work and then duplicate the pattern stitch by stitch. Yet others need everything written down and work away at it row my row.

None of these brains are better than others they are just 'wired' differently. For some learning to knit takes what seems like an endless time and other can grasp the engineering very quickly. Yes I hate to remind you that some of our best knitting designers are really more mathematical geniuses , because knitting IS math!

Everyone has a skill, and how you embrace your skill is what makes this a great craft. No matter what skills you have everyone that wants to knit can! (Yes there are those that refuse to learn how to knit..imagine that!)

My brain? Some days in this 'change of life time' it's a bit fuzzy; but most of the time I fit into the 'how things work' category and sometimes it's just about the colour and the yarn.

Mostly it's all about the Yarn!

Oh yes..then there is the brain that asks Why? ...we won't go into that philosophical question!

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