Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday's are for road trips!

I know many of you are disappointed when you arrive at the shop on a Monday only to see "Closed...gone home to knit!". Some Mondays are great days for knitting, but not many. Most recently a Monday was for root canal and the filling that followed a week later. Some Mondays are for Laundry and vacuuming.

Today's Monday adventure took me to Port Perry with milk samples from some ailing cows. Then back home to finish the 'books' for the farm's quarterly GST report.

Speaking of all things dairy cow, did you know that a 'spoon full of sugar', well a pound of sugar a day, will help cows digest a hay crop ruined by rain? (That's a pound a day per cow until that lot of hay is used up! 50 cows times 50 that's a lot of sugar!) If your milk is tasting a little sweeter in the next month, its from our 'sweet' jerseys. Kidding! The sugar will help them digest the hay, making them feel better and when cows are happy they make great milk. No expensive drugs, just a bit of sugar.
Back to the books, the laundry, the knitting until it's done!

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