Friday, October 9, 2009


Today is my MOM's birthday. She was born in the late 1930's in a small seaside town in the Netherlands. Which means that she was a young child during the invasion of Holland. She remembers bombings and death as part of everyday life during that time. Life for my Mom has not been very easy. Our family moved to Canada when I was little, (yup came over on the boat!) 3 kids under 4 and not much money. We moved quite a bit until we settled in this area in 1965.

Mom loves to knit! Knits all the time. When things were tough I remember her taking apart some of her lovely sweaters and making 'new' ones for us out of the yarn. She never had a stash of yarn, she used every bit. Mitts were multi coloured, doll clothes out of leftovers. For a few years she did some custom knitting for friends and neighbours. Today she knits prayer shawls and teddy bears; her hands are always busy.

So today is her birthday....Happy Birthday Mom!


Gwen said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom from me, too!

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Dear Mother. :)