Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knit a Snowball!

We had a lovely week, despite the weather predictions. Bowmanville's Applefest was alive with shoppers and vendors this past Saturday.

The shop was busy with many new people visiting. Some of the regulars popped in the check out the new things that arrived during the week.

This week's new yarn, if you can call it that, was a new one from Sirdar.
Apparently this yarn was all the rage in Europe last year. One Ball makes a scarf, the only pattern available, creative people will figure out all sorts of ways of using this yarn.

It looks like a string of little pop poms, you knit in the skinny bits.
and you end up with this:
It's a very quick knit, so far Mary and I (mostly Mary) have knit 3 samples. There are 5 colours and only 5 of each. Its one of those things that I will only carry just for a little while,

One of my most constant visitors and knitters brought in this Baby Surprise Jacket made with Berroco Touche. My kind of thing, great colours for a new baby, (love babies...especially in non 'baby' colours)
Lucky Baby!

Reminder of the knitting Sessions, this weeks Circular knitting has yet to have enough interest to make it worth hosting. You will learn the 3 techniques needed to do any 'knitting around'. The completed project is a small baby hat. Last day to register is Thursday.

Next weeks 'fix your mistakes class' requires some homework, so if you are interested please contact the shop to get the information you need.
This week I am expecting a shipment from Briggs and Little, included is the yarn needed to make Thrummed Mitts!
See you soon!

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