Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where did she go!?

We are literally in the middle of no where Saskatchewan. My son is working on a Combine Harvest Crew. He is cutting wheat just west of Estevan Saskatchewan.

Last night my husband and I found him in the biggest wheat field I have ever seen. The crew is cutting today in a field that is 600 acres, then moving to another 500 acres later. My husband took off like a flash at the opportunity to ride with his boy. I sat in the car and knit. Wendy came with supper for the boys, she has been feeding my boy since June. George, one of the combine drivers, invited me to ride with him for a bit. The ride went on and we got farther away from the car, the sun set and now its dark and we are even farther from the car. Finally the two way radio said, 'Could you drop my mom off with the cart driver, Dad thinks they should get going.' Chris the cart driver turns up and they move the grain from the combine onto the cart and I hop into the tractor cab for the drive back to the car. As I get in I realize that he has just finished a cigarette and I am 'allergic' to the smoke. I make a quick excuse to get out and then think 'well its a beautiful night in the middle of no where' and I start heading towards the car, about 1/2 kilometer. Of course at this point everyone else panics. "Where did she go?...we lost your Mom!!' Orders were sent to send the service truck out to look for me. They find me, but really I was quite enjoying this trek in the middle of this big space.

So here I am in the middle of no where...having a blast.

See you soon

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Unknown said...

I'm so glad you're having a great time. See you soon!