Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When Bad things Happen!

Last week this came into the store, a customer's very first sweater for her first grandchild. The pieces were all knit ready to put together when they were accidentally involved in an altercation with a cigarette.
Can you help?
I really don't like messing with other people's knitting unless I know it would be easier to leave it and let me 'do it myself'. After some time I removed the bottom ribbing from the back and the knitter will have to re-knit the ribbing. Its not a perfect fix, but it will save the sweater. After finishing the bottom, we noticed another couple of 'melts' near the top. So back to ripping back a few rows. (If the sweater was made with wool, it would not have melted or caught on fire...more fuel for the 'put your babies in wool' theory!)

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