Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Color Addiction!

After making my yarn challenge project and looking at the yarn left from the full skeins I had used. I decided to take a chance and finally make Veera's Color Affection. Some have termed it Color Addiction or Color Affliction as you can't make just one? 

I started the week the Challenge entries were in the window and finished it about 15 days later.  I must admit I was pretty faithful to this project.  A couple of nights I spent too much time on this and the next day my hands hurt so much that knitting was no possible.  Fortunately for me the pain disappears with a little rest and Traumeel cream.  

While working with the colours and checking other projects for inspiration I decided that it needed something to break up the neutral tones.  I remembered a small ball of turquoise Alpaca Sox from a previous project.  One 'thin blue line' was all it needed. 

Not wanting to be stuck with a lot of leftover yarn I knit the brown edge until I thought I would have enough for the bind off.  It was close!  Just enough for another little project I have planned.

It's squishy and wooly and huge! It just barely fit on the 8 feet of blocking boards!

The nice thing about this pattern so many have made this and there were lots of good hints in many of the Ravelry projects.

My modifications: instead of doing the 'make one left and right' I did just a knit front and back increase. (Those others just confuse me) and I put a yarn over between the first two stitches at the beginning of every row, dropping that loop when I got back to it at the end of the row.  It gives enough ease so that the edge doesn't curl?
The Farmer and I are going to have a little holiday over the Easter Weekend.  The shop will be closed on Saturday April 4th. 
See you Soon!

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