Saturday, March 21, 2015

And the winners!

Soper Creek Yarn Challenge 2015
These 3 entries won Gift Certificates to the shop.  Winners were determined by votes placed by customers, ballots were tallied by Mary and these are the ones that received the most votes.
After looking at the tally sheet, every project received many votes, these three however clearly won.  2nd and 3rd place were practically tied. First place won by many votes!

2nd place Nancy's Shawl:

3rd place Susan's felted cowl:

1st place: Kristy's crochet sheep. They are adorable!

Thanks again to Estelle Yarns for their support of this project and to all that participated. As one of the entrants said 'everyone really made the competition tough'!

It's great to watch everyone improve their skills with every project.  Creating beautiful projects requires patience and practice.  I am pleased to be involved with the process!

So what did I make? 
 The main project was this infinity scarf designed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee the pattern is Oatmeal Stout.  I followed the pattern completely and loved how this turned out!

A smaller project to remind me of this event was this cute little sheep:

I may make a few more to make a flock.

We do look forward to next year's event, it will take me that long to find the right yarn and colours to make it a challenge!
See You Soon!

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Sarah said...

The sheep are so cute! All of the projects were so different, and used the 3 colours so well. As always, I loved participating in the challenge!