Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yarn Challenge 2015 part 1

Choosing just the right yarn for our annual Yarn Challenge is always a challenge on its own.  Sometimes the right yarn arrives into the shop and I know right away that it will work perfectly.

My rules for choosing a yarn are pretty simple:

1.It has to be something new to the shop.
2. It has to be something that any yarn craft can use.
3. It has to have colours that will challenge and inspire the participants.

This year I struggled as it is the Year of the Sheep (or Ram or Goat) so a wool fiber was an obvious choice.  There were a couple of contenders, but affordability was also a factor.  A call to Estelle Yarns to see if they could help us out was placed and they agreed to supply a small discount.  The packages were made and each contestant were able to purchase a kit at a very reasonable price. 15 kits were created and sold, 13 came back as finished projects.

Here is the first batch of finished objects.  The numbers on the tags are the entry numbers not how they finished in the ballot count.

Jennifer's two layer cowl, (sorry Jen I missed the bottom half!)

Susan S's Cowl/Hat/Hood and Fingerless Mitts:

Inca's Crochet Baby Sweater:

Arlene's Hat:

Shawna's Kangaroo Vest:
Amanda's Wolf/Fox Hat:

The entries did not supply the pattern source, some are designs they created!

More pictures tomorrow. 

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