Sunday, March 15, 2015

If wasn't one thing it was another!

2014 was rough! Followers of this blog already know that.

2015 promises to be better?

This winter was tough, cold, snowy and personally challenging.  

I celebrated a birthday the other day a reminder of how old I really am.  Not that old but old enough to know my limits.  I think this discussion with myself began after  I gave 'The Farmer' a pedometer.  The first day he used it it logged 14,000 steps.  That was just an ordinary day, no special activities just what he does on an average day. The funny thing is he was a bit relieved at finding out this number as he was sure he was 'coming down' with something as he is always exhausted.  Days for him start at 6:30 am and he finishes about 7:00 pm with one last trip to the barn at 9 ish?  He does that for 20 days and then he gets a day off as the others pick up the extra work when he is off.  They all have this same schedule.

We have been trying to get away for a few days, even just overnight but when the weather has been this cold we can't be too far away.

So where is this all going?  I discovered that Easter Weekend is one of his scheduled Sunday's off! The shop is closed on Friday for Good Friday. If I close on the Saturday it will give us a 4 days to do something together!

So that's what we are doing! The shop is closed Saturday April 4th!

Wednesday April 1st is our regular Kntt'n Night and Thursday Night is Girls night out in Bowmanville.  Both evenings we will be open until 8 pm.  (The Ladies night goes much longer but I have found that not many come to see us past 8 pm.)  I am beginning to see the benefit in looking after myself, being exhausted all the time makes for a weary shop owner.

Adding 3 hours to those 2 nights is the same number of hours lost by closing on the Saturday!

I love Soper Creek Yarn and I would like to continue to be open for many years to come!  This is our 7th year and although there are no big projects this year we hope to offer a better selection of materials and learning oppotunities!

We have just finished up the Yarn Challenge and this week I will post the pictures of all the entries!

As you can see my obsession with this project continues! (Liberty Wool, mitered square blanket!)

See you Soon!

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Paula said...

Your blanket is looking great! I've got Ella's almost done, with lots of beautiful DK/sport from Soper Creek Yarn.