Monday, May 26, 2014


Helen and I had a discussion about being faithful.  We are both happily married women, but we struggle with monogamy.  Not with our 'life partners' but with our yarn projects.

This week I announced that I was choosing a monogamous relationship with one project.  That meant even having to look away from the new yarn that arrived this week.  I had come to the point in this project where the relationship was 'do or die', finish or it will get trapped into in the UFO basket.

I began this lace weight project with good intentions, This was going to be another of my favourite summer scarf patterns using the new Noro Taiyo Lace.

It began last summer, I took it with me on holidays.

It grew a little after Christmas. then finally this week I stayed true to only this knitting.  Fortunately being Noro the colours were keeping me engaged.

Finally after 4 hours of knitting on Sunday the last few stitches were cast off and I was free!   I removed the cardboard center of the ball and there are still 30 grams, that's almost 200 meters remaining!

I blocked it last night, today it's drying.  It measures just over 100 inches long!
Done on 3.5 mm needles and used 700 meters of yarn.  That's a lot of knitting for $25 worth of yarn!

Today its on to another project, but again I am going to stick with that one until its finished.  There are too many UFO's in my knitting basket.

See you Soon!

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