Thursday, May 15, 2014

Helping others, help themselves!

Helping others is a good thing!  We all need to help people.  It makes us feel needed, grateful and inspired.

Knitters (and those that crochet) are very generous people, some have been know to give someone the pair of socks that they just finished because they thought that person was in need of a cheer up! 

This year I was inspired by a Ted Talk presentation made by the co-founder of Kiva.  Even the smallest amount of a loan  will help someone gain independence.  This year we are asking those that attend our Knitt'n Nights to bring a toonie to help raise a some funds to support an entrepreneur.  The nice thing about this organization is that you can choose those that you would like to help.  Reading their stories is inspiring as they are trying to create jobs for themselves and others in their communities.  If you like to donate to the cause there is a place to donate your change and when we get $100 collected we can choose a person or group who can borrow the money.  The nice thing about these loans is that when they get paid back, you can re-loan the money to someone else.   This money will always stay in the system.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by kind and generous people who have come to recognise the importance of giving. 

Whether you knit for friends and neighbours, make hats for premies, make squares for blankets for teenagers in the Ukraine, slippers for the women's shelter, mittens for children in cold climates or hats for cancer patients, your work is important and those that receive your gift are grateful.


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