Friday, May 9, 2014

All right everyone back to your knitting!

It's been a hectic Spring? (If you could call it that!)  A lot of changes in our lives. I have felt pulled in every direction.  It's like everything got thrown into the air and the landed facing a new direction. 

The month of May looks like we are heading to a more normal life.  The printer at home is still not speaking to any of the computers, the email in the shop only goes to one computer so everything requires the use of both.  I really dislike being the IT person here, one of the joys of being self employed.

I am afraid that my knitting and blogging have suffered.

Remember a while back when I told you about the 2 shawls Regan made for us.  When we were discussing on which shawl to make we discovered this one:  Pendulum on Ravelry.  You should have seen the discussion as all three of us wanted to make the design.  I won!  Being the shop owner has its perks.  It took  just a week to make.  I will make it again as the design is easy, but I might tweek the pattern just a little.

 The colours are lovely together, but perhaps we should have used something with more of a contrast.

Did you notice that it is just garter stitch? Not a purl stitch in the whole project. 

The right design and a great yarn makes it look so impressive!

The yarn is Classic Elites Alpaca Sox, there is just enough left on each ball to make something else!

Squishy and soft,

See You Soon!

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Chrisknits said...

I think the colors do well together. Makes for a very soft look. Sometimes garish contrast is not what you need. This makes it perfect for summer. Reminds me of blue sky over a wheat field.