Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Today is New Year's Day!  Tradionally a day that I get to spend the day in my PJ's and do very little. That's exactly what I did most of the day.  I did take some time to sort through some of the 'nests' I have created around the house and decided that it was time to finish up some of those lingering projects.

First up was a little boy's vest in the new Uptown worsted yarn. All that it needed was one of the armhole edgings and sew on the buttons!  The next is a sweater I started for myself almost 2 years ago, with yarn that is now no longer in the shop.  It just needs a sleeve and part of a front.  I debated ripping the whole thing and start something top down instead, but it really was the best pattern for the yarn.

There are a couple of projects that are a bit more current and I have been working away at them, another Linen Stitch scarf and a pair of socks.  I am liking this new way of producing socks, my way.  Work first sock until you completed the heel and place on circular needles. Then work second sock until you finish to the exact same place and then magic loop the two socks together until you are done.  that way the toes match. I always forget how many decreases I make and how often.  

My goal this year is to finish more projects!  How about you?
Happy 2014!

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TracyKM said...

Lovely socks! Why not work both at the same time all the way from the start? I used to have the same problem of not being able to match them, so now I do both at the same time on one circular :)