Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas clean-up!

Christmas 2013 will be remembered as one of the craziest seasons in recent memory.  We certainly will all remember the weather here in Southern Ontario.  The shop lost power for about 24 hours, which was not too much of a problem as those were on the Sunday before Christmas.  We had planned to open the shop on Sunday afternoon and then again on Monday for those last minute Christmas gifts and holiday knitting,

Sunday morning we woke to ice, everywhere! Church services were cancelled, downtowns closed their streets and malls were empty.

Here at home the main farm had electricity, but the ice had taken down trees and large branches needed to be cleared from the driveway before the Milk Truck arrived by noon.  The barn and house on the other property had lost power which meant no water or way to feed animals, The hydro crew restored power to that property on Christmas Day.  Fortunately we have a tractor driven generator and they were able to feed and water animals, but it could not run all day leaving the animals without water for many hours.

As I drove into town on Monday it was hard not to be affected by the devastation that the ice had caused. Trees sliced in half, roads covered in branches, beloved shrubs flattened. It took hours to chip away at the ice on the walk at the front of the shop.  Conversations always included 'do you have hydro?', Families slept together in rooms with gas fireplaces and found creative places to find warm running water.  Power outages were indiscriminate, it did not matter whether you lived in an old house, new house, big house, small apartment or on the 6 th floor. Once out you waited your turn and hoped it would be soon!  

The utility companies worked tirelessly and it must have been frustrating to have to wait, I know it was for us and the other barn. I admire those workers who have work on those days and nights when we are told that the best place to be is in your own home, many missed Christmas with their own families.

Our family was able to celebrate Christmas Day together once 'The Girl' arrived on the train early in the afternoon.  We enjoyed a Christmas pot-luck with 'The Farmer's' family the next day. Friday we drove 'The Girl' back and we spent a couple of nights in her city relaxing in a warm hotel with clean running water.

'Clean running water?' 

Although we did not loose power during the ice storm we encountered a problem with our well. The water had been contaminated with surface water and it made the water completely unsafe.  So no baths, dish washing or laundry.  They pumped out the well on the 24th and the 26th we added 2 jugs of bleach, I washed some of 'The Farmer's' work clothes and when they came out of the dryer it was like a whole new wardrobe, every item was a new colour! 

Today is Monday, the water is somewhat normal, but we are still using bottled water for anything that is  consumed.  There is a pot of turkey on the stove and I am finishing up some knitting.  

It's hard to believe that all those things happened in just a week,

Hope you found ways to celebrate with your family and friends and wishing you good things in 2014,

See you January 2nd!

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