Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Sweater Love!

I am in 'New Sweater' love!  Just after Christmas I looked at a bag containing various bits of a sweater I started at least 2 years ago.  Stuffed into the bag was a front, a back, a sleeve and part of another front.  (Over 2/3's done!)  I think what stopped me was the pieces and that it is all stocking stitch!

I considered a couple of options, frog it all back and give the yarn away, frog it back and make a top down sweater or finish.   Looking at the sweater and the amount of knitting that was already done ripping back just seemed like a waste of all that knitting.  So I was very monogamous in my knitting and stayed true to this project for just over the next week.

I finished the remaining pieces and blocked them flat with a bit of steam, its pure wool and I was careful. I didn't want to wet the whole thing and wait for it to dry, I was on a roll.  After sewing them together I tried the sweater on and it fit, perfectly!  Why did I wait so long? Maybe it was waiting for me to loose the 15 pounds I lost in the past 2 years!

It took a few days to do the front bands and the collar.

I finished it Wednesday night and wore it to the shop the next three days!

The yarn is Schafwolle a worsted weight superwash 100% wool no longer available.  It is squishy and sort of soft, it feels like it will wear beautifully.  The colour is perfect for trips to the grocery store, camping and everyday activities. 

The pattern is from a booklet also from the same company, well written and the sleeve fitting was perfect the first time.  It would be nice to make again, but because it is pieced the chances of the happening are slim!

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