Friday, July 19, 2013

What I learned on my Summer Vacation!

We had a lovely 4 days away, the most time away since 2009.  (Yarn Shop owner married to Farmer with grown up kids and aging pet)

Things I learned this time:

1. Making assumptions that because something has been in the trailer for 16 years doesn't mean it is still actually in the trailer, finding out when you are at the campsite is not fun.

2. How to make coffee using a paper cup, cone coffee filter and a 3.75 mm knitting needle.

3. Just because you ask someone to put the fan in the trailer doesn't mean it actually gets there.

4. Even though you pay your cell phone bills on time, doesn't mean that your cell phone will work in a huge part of the province.  (I am talking to you Telus!)

5. The Library in town is a very cool place and it has internet access.

6. The carpet in the library is a tartan (plaid), the town we were near was named after a family with the tartans name!

7. When looking at a map, remember that it does not show that the short walking trail to the showers is actually a huge climb up a steep hill, 10 flights of stairs!  

8. Menopause and heat waves are not a good combination.

9. I can still knit when it's hot outside, but when it's too hot I can do almost nothing!

That pretty much sums up the important parts of the holiday, I picked up 3 big boxes of yarn from my friends at Gather.  Back to work!

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Paula said...

Try Virgin next time. That's what we have and I get reception all over the place up here. Places that we could never get with Bell or my sister's Wind. Then there are the places without enough reception to phone, but I can still text. Which is just about as good.

Glad you had a few days away. Even Farmers need to escape once in a while.