Saturday, July 6, 2013

Charlotte's Web!

Painting with yarn!

I have to admit that I was a little bit unsure about stocking Koigu yarn in the shop. I had seen a few seen a few skiens but resisted the temptation of actually purchasing the yarn,  It is expensive, not machine washable and because the way it is dyed each skein is very different. Creating a large project means blending skeins to create a unified colour.

Since the first order we received last year I have made 4.5 projects using the yarn.  2 were linen stitch scarves, 1 sock and 1 Turkish bed sock.  

What draws me to this yarn is the colour or colours.

We have had 3 shipments of the yarn in the past year and I become more enamored with the yarn the more I use it. 

A small shipment arrived last week and I was excited to see that the pattern for 'Charlotte's web' shawl was included.  Helen and I spent a few minutes playing with the colours and came up with a range that looked promising.

The project was started the following day, 12 days later it was done.  I followed the pattern suggestions closely but  played with the colours a little as I wanted to make good use of the yarn.  There are just a few bits and one fairly large amount of the lightest colour.  If you wanted to include the fridge I would suggest following the colour blending almost exatly.

The resulting shawl is very lovely, the fabric has a great drape and the colours blended beautifully!

We made up kits with the skeins available of the yarn in stock.

I would like to try this colour blending again with another pattern, but not right away I have to leave some of the yarn for customers to purchase!

We are enjoying the new space in the shop!  Customers are finding great deals on some discontinued yarns.  A reminder that we are closed for a few days this summer.  (July 16, 17, and 18 that's very soon!)

Enjoy the sunshine!

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Paula said...

Love Koigu. Back in 2000 I made a skirt and top with it. Can't wait to get to the new, expanded shop.