Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sorry for the blog silence, there hasn't been much to say.  Renovations continue and we are slowly running out of clearance yarn, which is a good thing as more Fall/Winter yarn is arriving today!

I am trying to finish up some of my projects.  One weekend I dedicated all my knitting time into finishing this Koigu linen stitch scarf.  It's made with the Silk and Cotton Handpaint from Misti Alpaca. 

 The colour is one that just returned into stock last week.  It's a heavier version. I used a bigger needle, less stitches and applied the fringes after completing the knitting.   The most amazing thing about this pattern is that I have now created 4 scarves.  I am one that doesn't like repeating projects, but this will be done again.  It is monotonous; but there is something about the colours that just make you want to continue as they are forever changing.  (I am a 'fabric' person, I love texture and colour and the way fabrics drape and handle. This project has all of that!)
The front of the new space is getting a bit of a makeover.  The owner of the building is James Printing  and Signs and they are creating some lovely graphics for the windows.

We had a lovely visit with The Girl, The Boy and their friends over the weekend.  They live 6 hours apart so this was the first time they saw each other since Christmas.

This week yarn arrives from many suppliers  so there will be boxes everywhere in the shop!

We are planning new things for the expanded shop, keep up to date with us on Facebook, you don't have to join to look at the page!  The website now contains an extra tab that shows you what is on Sale and the Events tab will keep you up to date with everything new!

See you soon!

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