Friday, July 12, 2013

Random things I learned this week!

 Lessons learned:

  • how to make a pocket in a little boy's sweater!
  • sweaters for babies take very little time to make!
  •  how to 'moneygram' money to a far away place to get some very nice things for the shop.  Right now it's a secret, but you will love them!
  •  you must never assume anything in an old building, just because there is a hot water heater in your space doesn't mean that all taps will have hot water from that tank!
  •  people who are very competent in their work still have fears about the things you find simple! 
  • the ceiling in the shop only ever 'finds' a leak three days before you close for almost a week!
  • going on holidays takes a lot of planning, you need the holiday to recover. 
Just reminding you that the shop will be closed next week so we can have a bit of a holiday.  (Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Back on Friday July 19,

I am sure you have stash or UFO's to finish!
(I know I do!)

The expanded space is proving to be a good place to visit, as it has air-conditioning!  We have a few things to finish, but we will wait until the heat and humidity are gone!

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