Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday, how I have missed you!

The past six weeks have been crazy!  Yesterday the first Monday 'off' in about 2 months. I know I take both Sunday and Monday off, but Monday is my day.  I took it a bit easy by just hanging out at home and only running into town to put the garbage out and drop into Canadian Tire to get a new step ladder for the new half of the shop.  I stopped at Price's Market on the way home to pick up some plants for the pots out front and the garden at home! (There really wasn't time for any thing extra at home)

How else did I spend my time?

I knit!  
A very small order arrived into the shop last week, it contained one colour way of Koigu sock yarn, 200 mini skeinettes and the pattern for a shawl I've been wanting to make for a long time,  

My goal is to get this one done quickly and then go back to the other projects waiting to be finished.

Renovating the 78 side of the shop has taken all the extra time we had and the Sidewalk sale and Summerfest made last week completely crazy.  The new space is going to work really well, the added display room means that more yarn is visible and that it's more self serve. The added class space at the back means that lessons can be taught during shop hours and that we may be able to have a daytime knitt'n session.  (Some took it upon themselves to meet up on Friday night during the Sidewalk sale, it was nice to have them come!)

There are a few repairs to make and some re arranging yet to do and we hope to get those complete sometime in the next month.

The clearance yarn will remain out until new fall inventory arrives in August, there are some pretty amazing deals out there.  The $1 a ball bucket keeps getting filled up!

See You Soon.

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