Thursday, June 13, 2013

Re- merchandising

Painting is just about done,  it's nice to get down to the fun stuff.  We have spent the past three days moving furniture and yarn!  Yesterday my hands were very sore from constantly grabbing yarn to move from one bin to another, but carrying a whole armloads of alpaca was really a lovely treat.

Wednesday I spent time re-organizing the needles and notions, they now take up the whole wall! 

Looking at all the space and the new fixtures the whole shop looks nothing like I imagined!  It's better than I imagined!

There is still quite a bit to do, 'The Farmer' is working on some stands for the cabinets to get them up off the floor, but he's been trying to finish planting soybeans and now the hay is ready to go!  

Next week is Bowmanville's Sidewalk sale and summerfest!  
More about that next time, when I have had a chance to figure that out! 

It was important that we keep the shop open and do most of the work during shop hours.  Please do not hesitate to come and 'bother' us, the yarn will wait!

See you Soon.

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ramp B said...

Thanks for letting me bother you today! The store looks fabulous a the yarn is much easier to see and enjoy! Such a fantastic job!