Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elliot's blanket

Elliot is a special baby.  I may never meet the little guy, but I owe his Mom a big thank- you.

The Girl was heading back to school for 3 months and needed a place to stay.  Heather and Erick lived just a few minutes from the school, they invited her to stay with them with the understanding that she was not to pay them anything! 

We were so grateful to them for their kindness, I wanted to do something.  Heather was expecting their first child, which is always a great excuse to knit!.  I started as soon as I knew, which was in December and had great plans to have it done for March.  Elliot arrived in April and I finished it this past weekend.

This is Elliot's new blanket, made using Liberty wool and Viking's Sportsragg.  It's a modified version of the mitered cross blanket, by reducing each square and making the borders narrower.

The blanket was completely made with knit stitches, no purls at all!  The squares themselves work up fairly quickly and in all it is a good project.  I chose to join the squares with a 3 needle bind off which is a pain to do but worth the effort. (That's what held up the finishing.) I cord around the whole blanket is a simple but sturdy border.

Heather is a florist, she will love the colours.  Babies love colour and the wool blanket will keep Elliot warm and safe in his rural Ontario home.

'The Girl',who was home for a quick visit this weekend, dropped it off on her way back to her job.  While she was home she inspected the work on the shop and gave her approval.  

Work continues, we hope to use the space for Knitt'n Night, which is tomorrow!  Wednesday 6 - 8 pm.

See you Soon!

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