Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Evolution or Creation?

Is there are great plan or is everything just evolving?

Well, you won't get a clear answer from me, because well, nobody really knows?  Maybe the "great designer" is having the same problem I have.

You see when I first looked at the space next door it was clear to me how things would happen: Paint, put up some slat wall, move the yarn and we would be done!  Then I decided to make things more interesting by finding some vintage (cheap) pieces of furniture. We would paint them and mix up the Ikea cabinets and give the whole shop a good shake up.  Kijiji became my friend, I found lots of interesting pieces.  'The Boy' found the perfect cabinet at the curb for free, we now deem it the "Fiber Cupboard".

The plan was to paint them all 'Cloud White', but after getting the space painted one of the pieces told me that it really wanted to be green.  (Okay, it didn't really speak to me, but you know what I mean.)  Then the other piece wants to be painted a warmer tan colour, who knew? Others thought they were beautiful just the way they were.

Everyday, sometimes every hour there has been a new idea, move this here put that there.  Conversations include sentences that sound  like: "Wait there's heating vent and some pipes and that wall isn't as long as I need it to be!" or  "That new piece is should go there, which means yesterdays plan is completely wrong!"

Today's plan: finish painting, do not buy any slat wall and let the space tell me what it wants!

'The Farmer' is such a patient man, as he has heard every new idea, he just smiles and nods his head and says "Whatever you want!"  (He's a keeper)

Tomorrow the Electrician comes, we will see how the plan evolves after his departure!

See You Soon

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