Wednesday, May 1, 2013

78 - 80

The pictures contain three items, these items all have one thing in common.

The dresss is made from fabric purchased from 'Mother Mod' fabrics when I was in grade 9.
The portrait photo is of me taken about 10 years after I made that first dress.
The project pad is the one we gave away this February! (a few remain, come get yours!)

What is the common link to these items? Well they all began at 80 King street West.

I don't know why I still have the dress, I wore it only for that first year of high school. I do remember how the shop looked inside, filled with fabric and usually busy!

The portrait was taken by Mr. Gould when he had his camera shop and framing store were in this location. When he first opened he occupied the space at 78 King west and then expanded into 80 King West.  I walked through the doorway to get to the portrait space.

When the Gould's moved their business the doorway was closed and various tenants occupied my space, Community Care, a sports shop and flower shop.  Cathy's Gold occupied the space at 78 for 34 years.  On April 6th she retired.

Last Friday we found the opening and I picked up the key on Tuesday!  It's not everyday that a door opens and we are taking a big leap and expanding the shop!  It will give us more space for everything!

...the adventure continues!

There is a lot of work to do, painting and moving yarn!  The shop will get a bit of a shake up as we assess what has worked for this location and look forward to adding new yarn and fibre related activities.  

Maple Festival is this weekend, the weather sounds promising and that means that beginning Thursday new yarn will be added to the clearance section!  (A teaser: selected Marble Chunky colours are now just $10 a ball! Remaining stock only!)

See You Soon!

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Paula said...

Wow, how exciting!!! The store will be so nice and big. I remember Mother Mod, though I don't remember Mom shopping there. I can't wait till our next trip down.

That and I need to find some aran weight farmer coloured yarn :)