Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vintage finds!

Renovating the new space has been an adventure!  We are finding all sorts of new information about this building.  It was originally thought that the opening between the two stores was created during the 70's.  'Ed', the contractor estimates that the opening was created in the 60's, then opened and closed at least 3 times. 

The previous tenant left the space in pretty good shape, just a new paint colour and a bit of re-wiring and it will be ready for us to move in!  

Until then this is our way of making use of some of the vintage patterns we have been collecting!

We have been able to keep the mess to the 78 side of the store, everyday a little more painting gets done!  

A reminder that this is a Knitt'n Night week.  (Wednesday 6 - 8)

See you soon!


Andrea said...

Tina - where is your new shop?

Soper Creek Yarn said...

The new shop is right next door, into what was Cathy's Gold! Doubling the floor space of the shop!