Monday, January 30, 2012


 It's Finished!  (Except for a few ends to tie in!)

In the previous post I wrote about working on this blanket and my determination to finish it while watching "Downton Abbey".  All week I looked at the colours and asked any and all who would listen about my dilemma.  I wanted to add a very wide brown border to the outside, like a giant wool frame.  The problem was that 2 of the outside colours were very close in colour to the outside shade that it meant adding another round of colours to the outside making sure that they contrasted well with the border.

The biggest problem is that the Yarn shop owner sold all the good colours to make Helmet liners for our soldiers and is not replacing that brand of yarn.  Then on Saturday I found another ball of the very centre colour, which was not used anywhere else in the blanket.  The plan was to make a thin red border around the whole blanket and then add the big brown frame.

I added the thin red frame yesterday and today I finished the final cast off.  I decided that it doesn't need the big border after all and declare it to be done!
Its lovely and squishy and hides the orange couch quite well.

Problem is Downton Abbey continues for another few weeks!  What will I work on?
See you Soon!

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christine m. said...

great blanket... but more importantly: DON'T YOU JUST LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY!?!?!?! :)