Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I went to the big city to find yarn, I found a lot of these!

I asked The Farmer to make something to hold the tubes of buttons,  "don't go to any trouble" I said.

A shot of the shop before  left on Saturday.. I have a lot of stuff!

Yarn Challenge is coming, kits will be available February 14th.

I did travel into the city on Monday (my day off?) to get some yarn. The first stop was Frillseeker.  When I arrived I not only found many boxes of yarn but also 2 of my favourite yarn shop owners.  We had a lovely chat about all of you and decided we like our jobs, and then we filled the carts full.

Next stop was to look for any Katia yarn, not as much luck there but picked up needles and books and a few new things.

See You Soon

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LRodney said...

When is the wool for Spring Knitting Contest available? Still thinking of a winning project.