Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching Up!


Where has the time gone, it's the middle of January and I am feeling very behind.  Orders come and go and finding time to take inventory has been almost impossible.  Even when I stay a little late or come into the shop during closing hours I sometimes get caught inside and look after customers!

The blog has been very ignored.  (I find it funny that the spell check on the blog, doesn't recognize the word 'blog' as a proper word!)

This scarf is one created by Helen, she choose 2 different colours of the lovely Katia Inca and created a chunky version of the "noro scarf".  I would tell you to come in to see the sample, but it has left the shop and is keeping someone very warm.

Keeping up with the ruffle yarn has been a challenge and updates about anything we have been able to find is on our Facebook page.  (Join us!)

We spent the day on Monday driving around the big city and getting a car load full of supplies.

This week is Knitt'n Night....6 pm - 8pm Wednesday.

See you Soon.

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