Thursday, January 29, 2009

How many is too many?

Ever wonder how many projects a single yarn shop owner can work on at one time?

1. Mitts in Nashua Julia
2. Noro Silk Garden Socks
3. Clapotis

4. How to log cabin Blanket

5. Cabled Sweater in Peruvia Quick!

6. Chunky Scarf in Mesa (discontinued cheap and cheerful)

Other things I am working on:

Grand opening event February 12, 13, and 14th.

Orders are arriving and so are the door prizes, some of my suppliers have been very generous. I ordered some specially priced yarn that was stuff but great quality at a wonderful price!

This week I ordered from Briggs and Little, Cabin Fever and Mission Falls... all great Canadian Companies. I am looking forward to unpacking these shipments...finding room might be interesting.

Lessons, yes finally. Beginning February 18th, a beginners class and the 'knitting help' sessions will begin. The beginners class is for the complete novice knitter and the 'knitting help' sessions are for the knitters who would like some help with a project. Both classes are limited to 4 students each. (Beginners $30.00 for 3 lessons, knitting help $5.00 per session, with a limit of 3 weeks in a row.)

Then there are still some renovations, windows are complete and now to the shelving in the back room.

Then there is the snow shovelling...I hope it stops soon!

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