Monday, November 7, 2011

Travelling Woman!

A quick trip to see The Girl. A 4 hour drive to take her the car with snow tires as she is headed back to school for 3 months. She was at work and we met for a quick exchange of keys and paperwork. Her employer just opened a new shop and this is the place she gets to work part time, it's beautiful and would make a fabulous yarn shop.

While I was waiting for her to finish work she showed me this:

It didn't occur to me to take pictures of all the things I saw, rug hooking, weaving, spinning, kind of people all in the same place.

I took the train home, treated myself to business class (super saver fare) which means they fed me and there was wine!

Today I was on the move again as I headed into the big city and wandered around warehouses filled with yarn.

I think I am looking forward to tomorrow, but right now I am glad to be sitting on a seat that is not in a moving vehicle.

See you Soon!

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