Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Friday is Remembrance Day.

This year, like every year the Shop closes so that I can attend the Ceremony.

When The Boy and The Girl were little and there was much running around I would watch the broadcast of the Ceremonies from Parliament Hill. Then a few years ago I started to attend our local service.

I go because Canadians came to The Netherlands and brought freedom to my family. My Mother's conversations always included phrases "before the war", "during the war" and "after the war".

It is the least I can do.

Come and Join me, or attend a service at your local Cenotaph and Remember....

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christine m. said...

for the last few years i have volunteered to supervise the 2 students chosen from our school to place the wreath at the cenotaph during the local remembrance day ceremony. as we stand there growing weary and chilled from the wait in the cold, i think of all the suffering and discomfort endured by both military personnel and civilians in the face of turmoil around the globe. i think of my grandparents who lived through the fear, worry, hope and loss of WWII. i think of lives both past and present that have been lost or damaged. i think, i remember and i say thanks in my heart.