Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Years!

Three years ago this week we decided not to open a Yarn Shop. I had spent almost 3 months agonizing about opening then when the location that I was preparing for was not going to be available I decided that I would stop looking and instead get a 'real' job.

Then Carole called, it was a Saturday night, we were away during the day and she left a message:

"I know you were looking for a space and the most perfect spot is available. I phoned R (at home) who called A (at home) and this is the rent and they are expecting you on Monday."
The Farmer and I look at the store front Sunday morning. The place needed a ton of work. The photo above is a "good" shot of what we saw through the window. We decide the location is good but there is just too much work to get it into what we needed.

We take a drive to think and end up talking to friends in retail in another town and they say: "Go for it!"

Monday I head in early to see the landlord and I barely get two words out and from behind the door I hear a voice say: "Is that Tina, Carole told me you would be coming!" I take a tour with the Landlord, the place is a mess. The previous tenants (who 'disappeared' overnight) only used the front of the space. Carpet from the 70's, bits of slot wall in random spots, walls were where they tried to subdivide the space the ceiling tiles are badly stained. Then the Landlord says things like, "we will replace the floor, take down the walls and anything you would like!"

I go in everyday to look at the space and think and plan. We had to rush things to be open by December 1st. Fortunately I had many contacts in place and they were all willing to get things moving. I was still working part time at Price's Market. By Thursday I decide to take the space.
(By then the landlord had others wanting to rent the space.)

I placed my first order on Thanksgiving Monday and on the way home the news is all about the coming recession.My first windows and logo inspiration.

The rest you know.

As we head into 4 years I am grateful to everyone who has come and purchased and participated in this adventure.

See you again soon!


Anonymous said...

I wish you many more profitable years. We fibreholics appreciate you!

Andrea said...

Congrats on being in business for three years:)

christine m. said...

just reading this post made me nervous! we almost didn't get a downtown yarn shop!? yikes! i still remember the thrill of driving by and noticing the store front for the first time. lucky i didn't rear end anyone as i craned my neck back to stare in amazement! :)