Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Project from H*ll:

The Farmer is a clever man, he is known for his ability to create things. When I asked whether he would like to change a rotating stand I had acquired 2 years ago he agreed. Before he could change his mind The Girl and I loaded up into the car, only to realize that it came to the shop in our larger vehicle, but it fit, barely. (It is very heavy!)

It was a rotating stand with about 6" x 60" of actual slot wall for display on each of the 3 sides. The new design would allow for almost 18" x 60" of display on 3 sides. A plan was made, we headed off to the lumber store and they cut the slot wall into 18" strips. We got home only to realize they should have been cut 16.5" instead. Then when it was time to cut the bottom sections, instead of cutting into 3 equal pieces he cut them into 4 pieces, now they were too short. But that was okay because it forced him to create a base for the triangle to sit on. Then he ran out of nails, bought the wrong gauge for the nail gun, another trip to the lumber store. Then there weren't enough of the right clamps, ran out of screws and he had trouble with the slot wall spacing.....

You have to remember that he was doing this after his 12 hour workday doing The Farmer thing.
We brought it to the shop on Monday night, it is now even heaver. (My 2010 Christmas present from The Farmer came in handy...I will show you it if you ask!)

Tuesday it was filled with all the notions that the shop carries, there are quite a few!


Arlene Bonsma said...

Very nice to have a handy Farmer :)

Soper Creek Yarn said...

Someone once said: "He's as handy as a pocket in a shirt!"

Anonymous said...

Poor farmer!
He is going to think twice before nodding his head again lol