Sunday, October 30, 2011

A New/Old thing

One day when I have more time I will tell you all the things that I have done, the list is very varied. The most interesting thing about that is that all the things I have done have lead me to this point in my life.

When The Girl and The Boy were little I worked primarily at home. A few part time jobs here and there. (One point I had 3 part time jobs, it was very confusing.)

For a few years I travelled the Local Fairs setting up and 'manning' the booth promoting agriculture in Durham Region. I would pack up the car with all the stuff, set up the display and spend the weekend talking to people and handing out pens and information.

Tomorrow I am off to Cobourg with a car load of yarn to an event hosted by the Northemberland Hooks and Needles Guild? I am not totally sure of the group, I will let you know more about it when I get back.

I think I have packed all the wrong stuff!

A reminder that it is Knitt'n Night on Wednesday!

See You Soon.

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