Thursday, July 7, 2011

'Discussion with Myself'

Something finished!

A while back I described my attempt to create a scarf using the whole 100 grams of the new Taiyo Sock Yarn from Noro. The actual finished measurement is just shy of the 50 inches. When I got near the end I had a 'discussion with myself" about how to finish the ends. There were several choices:

1. Cast off the end and let it be a scarf.

2. Graft the beginning to the end to make it a cowl. (I had used Lucy Neatby's clever provisional cast on to give me that option.)

3. Graft the beginning to the end twisting in the middle to make a moebius cowl.

4. Put a row of buttonholes in the end (about 5 rows in) to give me all the options.

I really wanted to attempt grafting garter stitch, but after much 'discussion with myself', the buttonholes seemed to be the best option.

I really like it.

I tried to wear it today, but I am happy to say that it is too warm out there today for this.

There was a semi crisis yesterday, somehow I managed to leave my knitting at the shop. Everything I was working on was dependant on the bag I had left behind.

Only solution was to start something new!

The 'discussion with myself' was inspired by this from Jean Chretien:

I sat down and said, ‘Aline, I will make a park here for you.’ When I returned to my office on Monday, I consulted the Minister of Indian Affairs, who was myself, consulted the Minister of Northern Affairs, who was myself, and consulted the minister responsible for parks, who was myself, and they all agreed on the matter. I took out my pen and made [Auyuittuq National Park].....

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Geri said...

The Noro Taiyo sock yarn would also make a very fine Dianna shawl. ;-)