Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just like riding a bike!

Our holidays took us to the Nation's capital. Last year when we visited The Girl we stayed a few days and toured the city. The whole time we were there I kept saying we should bring our bicycles the next time. This year we did.

Before leaving The Farmer dusted off the bikes, I haven't been on mine since the last time we went camping in 2005! I took mine for a spin just to see if I could still manage this mode of transportation and sure enough it's just "like riding a bike!"

After arriving in Ottawa we unloaded the bikes from the back of the pick-up and headed out into Rockcliffe Park. After a few minutes on the trail my bike was making the most annoying scraping sound, the fender had somehow worked it's way loose and was tickling the tire as it went around...all I could think was "If I only had a piece of string!"

The next day we rode the bike path that follows the Rideau canal, it was interesting to see the spots we had skated on from the 'summertime' point of view. We stopped to watch the locks work near Carleton University and one of the workers at the lock was quite fascinated by my vintage green bicycle. I bought it when I was in grade 13, used, from a friends Mom, at 35 years it is still in pretty good shape, better than me. Lets just say that there are parts of my body that are taking time to recover!

I had booked this week away months ago it just happened to be the week The Girl needed to move to a new apartment!

We met The Girl and her Friends from work at the National Gallery, after driving miles only to find a parking spot 2 kilometers away. (There are very few places to park a vehicle over 6'8" high.)
They gave us a ride back to the Truck.

It was a lovely visit!

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