Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend!

First I want to thank those that came into the shop, this past week in particular. I had a huge monetary goal to reach by today and thanks to those that came and spent even a little I was able to meet challenge.

Those of us in Town who operate Independent shops jokingly laugh that we do this because we are 'independently wealthy'. We do this because we have a passion for what we do and feel that we can help our neighbours by providing services and products that have the quality and uniqueness that is not available at the 'big box' stores. (longest sentence so far!). Needless to say some days we wonder why, when in fact we could be doing something that probably pays better. But we continue because there are more good days then bad and most of our customers truly get why we do what we do. As downtown merchants we also would like to encourage more of you to shop locally. Did you know that for every $100 you spend locally $67 of those dollars stay in your community? (That funds: libraries, parks, soccer fields, playgrounds.....)

To encourage you to come and visit the Downtown, 26 shops and restaurants are staying open late on June 1st. Last November we held an event called "What a Girl Wants" it was such fun we decided to do it again.

Keep June 1st open, shop downtown Bowmanville, treat yourself and a friend to dinner out in the middle of the week. Should be fun.

What is Soper Creek Yarn doing that night? We will teach you how to knit. We will cast on the stitches for you and you can knit away for as long as you want on our sample projects. If you like you can take home the kit for $3 and keep going, you could end up with a lovely dishcloth. If you are a knitter, really you are if you follow this blog, then come a join the Knitt'n group!

Call your friends and come 'shopping'! June 1st, that's Wednesday, 5 pm - 10 pm.

Have safe weekend..what's left of it.

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