Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New this week! day out!

Toronto driving is not my favourite thing and with the price of gas it really doesn't make sense to drive in when they can ship it to me for less than gas/mileage/time. It is nice to go in a check out with what is new, and go diving into the sale areas of the warehouses. I came home with little of everything.

New to the shop is Triana Lux and Frill Seeker Precious Metals...sparkly!

Some new Alpaca lace Paints, one skein will make a shawlette.

Plus some novelty yarns that will make great accents for scarf knitting this fall!

This time of year many of you are heading into the garden and I won't see much of you again until the fall.

I too would like to spend some time with the the sidebar for changes into my shop hours.

There's more to tell you but it's time to go home!

Pictures later.

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