Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well Travelled

Today I received a package. Customers have been coming in to check on the status of their orders and I tell them that I have indeed ordered it and it should be here any day. Finally a week ago I checked the supplier, yes they 'shipped' it out on March 10, expedited mail you should have received it. We decide to wait until after the weekend. Tuesday arrived and still nothing. The Supplier was going to replace the shipment....Addi Turbo Needles!

Today the parcel came! I checked the tracking number: the parcel left Vancouver on March 11, then it went to Richmond BC, Mississauga ON, Halifax NS, Montreal QC back to Halifax and finally to Bowmanville!


Nat said...

oh my, hope they collected frequent flyer miles on it, lol

Bonni said...

Wow, You would think that after having taken that goat path to get here, there would be at least SOME goat hair yarn in it.... or alpaca.