Saturday, March 19, 2011

Remembering Helen

Today there was a service to remember a lovely Lady named Helen. We met 30 some years ago when I was still at Rickaby's working in the 'Wool Department'. She would come a choose yarn and happily knit for her family. A few years past and our paths crossed again through a shop called the Velvet Bear, I was working part time in this Gift shop and they were hiring a book keeper and when they introduced her I said: 'She would be perfect!' She was!

After The Boy was born we didn't cross paths very often. When we did we caught up with each others lives and went our own ways. After I opened the shop she came to see me more often and then just about a week or so ago I realized I hadn't seen her for awhile. On Wednesday I read that she had been very ill and had left us.

What I remember about Helen was her warm gentle smile and her kind soul. I don't think she was angry with anyone or anything ever. I miss her already.

See You Tuesday.

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