Thursday, March 10, 2011


Once a month, for almost 30 years my Mother-in-law meets with other Women in the Community. This Group is one of over 500 Women's Institute Branches across Ontario.
The Women's Institute began in Canada in 1919, but there are similar groups all around the World, "promoting education, advocate for social and economic change and work towards the personal growth and empowerment of women". (Plus I think they have a load of fun!)
Each meeting they discuss topics of interest to the membership and share stories of their lives. Today I had the privilege to share my story. I know most of these women and most have watched me grow up. They may be in their more 'Senior' years but these Women are active in the Community and are busy with all kinds of 'Work'.

I took a break from the Shop to show these Ladies all about the new things in the Yarn Industry, and to Thank my Mother-in-law for all she does for me.
Some of the shop samples have been knit by her. I try to give her things that will challenge her, yet interest her. I asked if she would knit an afghan for the shop. I choose an unusual colour scheme and she knit it happily, but I knew that she was not in favour of the colours. After working on this for almost a year it now lives at the shop.

The second picture shows 'her work', she wrote down every row. 'Everyone has a system' says Mary as I showed her the bits of paper with all the notations. What ever works for you to keep track is right! After all there are 'No knitting Police'.
That was today, hope your day was as nice as mine!
See You Soon.


fletchingtonfarms said...

The afghan is beautiful. Not my kind of colours but my friend would just love it.

Bonni said...

I love the colours!
How beautiful is THAT!
Reminds me of early fall.
The hay ready to bring in and the trees not yet in full fall splendor!

Nice work Tina's Mom-in-law!