Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Usually Mondays are for laundry, medical appointments and book keeping stuff.

Yesterday I left the house for a Dentist appointment with the basement laundry room in a mess! (more than usual) When The Farmer and I purchased the new laundry team 2 years ago the the front load machines were plumbed the wrong way. It was decided then that we would switch their positions so that when the doors were open they wouldn't meet in the middle.

Sunday The Farmer and The Boy created a new cement pad that was level and smooth, so that the washer would stop inching its way across the floor. (The Farmer, who was the same age as the boy when they poured the original floor said: 'If I knew that I was going to live in this house 36 years ago I would have done a better job of levelling the floor in the first place.'

Monday the two machines sat waiting for the concrete to dry. I took this as a sign to head into the big city. There were paper bags to buy and a visit to the warehouse was a good excuse to get out for the day.

I picked up yarn! Yea more yarn.

New to the shop Triana from Katia, like Frill Seeker, a real quick knit and a very fun scarf. Right now I just have two colours the Violet and Fuschia. I knit a sample last night, after we put the laundry room back together! I have a feeling they won't last long.

See You Soon.

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